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We have a range of micro pigs available for film and tv. From young piglets to adults, they all have their unique personalities and talents which they can bring to suit a particular set. In addition, all of our pigs undergo a thorough training programme certified by the AMPA which ensures that they are easy to work with, obey many commands, happy to work with other animals and people in a variety of settings. We are very proud of our micro pig’s achievements!

Micro Pig Sunny Stars in the Tap Empire PR Video Clips

How did he do this?

On the 24th September 2018 our Micro Pig Sunny was whisked to a Filming Studio in London to star as the main character for the Promotional Video of The Tap Empire Mobile Game.

The day started early with Sunny first preparing to shoot in a Limousine. It wasn’t just any Limousine – it was a Pink Limousine! The first scene required Sunny to walk with an Actor Ewen Macintosh towards the car, then get inside it and become friends with Ewen! Out little piggie was simply amazing, he learnt very quickly what was required of him and was very happy to cooperate (for a few yummy treats)! His training skills which he learnt as part of The Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Program came very handy here as he mastered the ramp to get into the limousine, to be comfortable inside an unfamiliar space with an unfamiliar person sitting next to him, with a sea of golden coins surrounding him!

Sunny Mastering the Next Set

The next set took Sunny off to a high rise office building. He had to master the lift as at first he did not like the feeling of an unstable lift floor! Again, the ramp with the green carpet on it made all the difference and Sunny at last felt comfortable, which was a good thing as he had to go up and down the office block quite a few times during the day! Upon arrival Sunny introduced himself to a few office colleagues and all the actors who were waiting for their parts. He felt very comfortable walking around and meeting different people, and there were quite a few willing souls to cuddle him and take selfies!

After a few more office sets, up and down floors in the lift, Sunny was asked to go down to the car park again, walk across to the other building and ended up in a spacious Filming Studio! With dozens of camera crew, marketing managers, producer, actors and other support staff around him and almost 10 hours of filming, Sunny did not feel intimated in any way and continued to explore his new world with eagerness (the treats certainly played a big part in it all!). This last part saw our clever piggie posing with Ewen in a dark studio with all the lights shining upon them! He was a star!

We could not have been more proud of our little pig Sunny and all his achievements! He deserved a lovely rest at home afterwards with a yummy healthy dinner awaiting him upon arrival! He has proven himself to be a worthy member of show biz and he can’t wait for more adventures!

Sunny’s Filming Adventures

Tap Empire Episode 1

Wakey, Wakey

Tap Empire Episode 2

Piggy B Ruins Lunch!

Tap Empire Episode 4

Clocking Off With Piggy B

Tap Empire Episode 5

Hitting The Town

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