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On Saturday 29th June 2019 we brought our Micro Pigs Holly and Polly to a large Community Event in Surrey titled “Big Day Out”! What an amazing day it was! There were hundreds of people from all walks of life, from babies to older people and they were all able to enter our pen to stroke the Miniature Pigs spending as much time as they wanted and learning new facts about these unique animals.

We must give a very special thank you to the Affordable Electrics and Repairs Ltd who sponsored our visit!

Holly and Polly are our 8 months old fully trained Miniature Pigs. A lot of people referred to them as Micro Pigs as they are still very small in size. We like to call all our piggies Miniature Pigs as they all grow out of a “tea cup” pig size when they are newly born and grow to various degrees to become mature Miniature Pigs. A lot of people were really curious to find out the difference between Micro and Mini pigs. We have a lot more information on the topic of Micro and Mini on our page Myths about Micro Pigs, which you may find interesting.

micro pigs petting event
micro pig polly


Children were fascinated to be allowed so close to the Mini Pigs. Many have seen piglets before but never had an opportunity to enter a pen to stroke, cuddle or feed them. This is was an amazing hands on learning experience with children asking so many questions and being really eager to learn. It was a pleasure to answer their queries about the Miniature Pigs’ lifespan, diet, habits, behaviour as well as basic anatomy and physiology. In addition, we had many discussions about the types of pig breeds which were crossed together to produce small pig breeds such as Micro/Miniature Pigs over many generations.

Having such as close encounter with the piglets clearly had a very beneficial effect on the children. We were able to point out that all animals have feelings and need to be treated with respect and love. In turn, this would make the piggies feel secure and more trusting of people and would give us an amazing opportunity to enjoy the special bond that would be created as a result.

Polly the micro pig being cuddled by a child
holly the micro pig enjoying cuddles from children


Many children, as well as adults, were fascinated to learn that Holly and Polly were actually trained pigs. Although quite a few people had heard of the intelligence of pigs, they had never seen how their intelligence was actually expressed! Holly and Polly were able to skilfully demonstrate all the commands and tricks they had learned on their training programme which amazed the whole audience! To learn more about The Intelligence of Pigs, please, read more on our page here…

Just like Mikey and Sunny, they have undergone a long training programme to enable them to become so well socialised in public places. The piglets have learned to remain calm in any situation, not to react to loud noises or the presence of dogs or unusual for them objects such as wheelchairs. All of this makes them ideal for visits to any school, nursery or any other event where stable and friendly animals are required. The training is also hugely beneficial to the animals themselves since they do not show stress during visits and actually begin to enjoy their special trips out!



micro pigs and dogs
a dog and micro pigs


This is what The Pigfather aims to achieve with every piggy in our care – to raise them up with Love, Kindness and Mutual Respect enabling them to grow into confident, happy, friendly and well socialised animals who can then bring joy, therapy and smiles to everyone who comes into contact with them. You can learn more about the 

We were very happy to be able to provide our Miniature Pig Services to the Big Day Out and feel confident that Holly and Polly left a positive footprint on everyone’s hearts.

If you require any of our piggies to attend a Corporate Event, a Birthday Party, a Wedding or to make a Surprise Visit to someone who loves pigs, then, please, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to be of service.



love micro pigs
crowd around the pigfather