In August 2020 we were asked to provide Borrow My Piggy Private One to One Therapy Experience to a family with a very special girl who has been suffering from severe anxiety/PTSD for the past three years. Sally has been unable to go to school because of her disability and have greatly benefitted from having her own pet animals.

Sally’s mum Becky explained to us that they currently have a rescue Therapy Dog, rabbits and a Bantom chicken who all live inside their home! All their animals provide great support to Sally in helping her manage the day to day tasks.

Originally Becky was looking to buy some miniature piglets as pets because Sally absolutely adores pigs and is constantly learning about them. Having found The Pigfather online, Sally and Becky were thrilled to find out about our Borrow My Piggy Experience and booked our miniature piggies for a 24-30 hours service.

We added the Borrow My Piggy service to our Party and Event visits in early 2019 to enable our customers to experience Miniature Pig Ownership without actually owning a piggy. By “borrowing” our trained and friendly miniature pigs, it is possible to have these amazing animals in your own home for up to 30 hours with everything provided and taken care of. Only the best natured, friendly and well socialised piggies go on these adventures to ensure you have the best possible experience with us. From young weaned piglets, who would have already started their Therapy training, to young adults who have completed their training, we chose the best piggies to come to you.

From Care Home visits, School rentals to private Therapy experiences, Borrow My Piggy will give you a first-hand experience of looking after miniature pigs in your own home without actually owning them.

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After arriving at a lovely countryside home, tucked away in a woodland, we set up the enclosure and brought in Biscuit and Popcorn. We haven’t seen bigger smiles around when Sally and Becky first saw the piggies! They were overjoyed and so very excited to welcome the boys into their animal loving home.

The boys settled in very quickly as they are used to many Borrow My Piggy visits, during their lifetime having visited private homes, schools and nurseries and, recently, they even had an opportunity to meet Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster! Biscuit and Popcorn are our fully trained Therapy Pigs, following on from Mikey and Sunny, the UK’s very first Certified Therapy Miniature Pigs!

Becky stayed in contact with us during the experience and sent us lovely photos of Biscuit and Popcorn cuddling on Sally’s lap! She told us that Popcorn, in particular, really bonded to her daughter and kept on following her everywhere, as if understanding her feelings, which was very therapeutic for Sally. Other customers have mentioned Biscuit as the most cuddly piggy, but it was different this time as if Popcorn could sense that Sally needed him emotionally.

When we arrived to pick up the boys, Becky popped out of her front door and said they are not ready to let them go! The family had such a special close experience with the boys that they found the time flew by too quickly. Becky left the door to their kitchen open and the boys just went in and out of the garden freely! It was an unforgettable experience and strengthened the family’s desire to buy their own piglets even more!

If you are looking for a Private Therapy Session or would just like to understand what it is really like to keep pigs at your own home, why not get in touch with us? We always love to be able to help!

(all names have been changed for data protection reasons)

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