In July 2020 we had an amazing opportunity to meet Sir Rod Stewart and his family (wife Penny Lancaster, their son Aiden, Penny’s brother Oliver Lancaster and Penny’s mother Sally) at their home in Durrington House. The piggies also made it into the Daily Record Paper!

The family hired our two Miniature Pigs Biscuit and Popcorn for “Borrow My Piggy” Experience, organised by Oliver Lancaster, who got in touch with us to book.

What was most striking to us was the friendliness of Oliver and the family as well as their consideration both for people and the animals. The family’s charitable nature is already well known. There was a lot of staff around the house, and it was a really beautiful house and grounds, and all the staff were really friendly and helpful. Everyone offered to help bring the equipment as well as the piggies and helped to clear away some weeds from their enclosure before we set up.

Oliver was incredibly professional from the start, very polite and always friendly and helpful, ensuring we had enough staff to help us set up ready for Biscuit and Popcorn to enter their new home. He also had a lovely sense of humour, joking with Rod and Penny as we were discussing the family structure of Miniature Pigs! What was even more amazing was his communications with us after the visit – it is rare to get a response back from some of our customers but Oliver found the time in his very busy schedule to send a thank you email back to us.

The Pigfather's micro pig Biscuit in Daily Record paper


The family prepared a very spacious enclosure for our piggies so we didn’t need to use our own pen, which was really nice because the boys had so much more space to run around in the woodland, next to the chickens. Once we set up, we brought out Biscuit and Popcorn, who immediately ran towards Penny as she was holding a container with pig pellets and overturned it by jumping up!

Biscuit and Popcorn are trained to stand on their hind legs jumping up a person when requested, so Biscuit did this to Penny, and she liked it! We then discussed the piggies’ requirements during their stay after which the boys showed the family some of the tricks they have been taught as part of their Therapy Pig Training, which the family really liked. We brought with us everything they would require during their stay including a cosy piggy house and some warm blankets for cuddles inside the family’s home!

Penny shared with us that she really loves animals and finds chickens very therapeutic, sometimes wishing to sit with them all day long, especially during the lockdown. She showed us all her chickens, and they were very beautifully coloured, with some little chicks just hatched. It was a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.

Penny also mentioned that one of the buildings on their site used to house cattle and said that she is now considering getting either Miniature Pigs, goats or sheep as she loves all animals. The family already have two pet dogs, a very obedient Labrador X and a cuddly playful Cavapoo, both of whom they have rescued from a dog charity. It was really nice to hear this.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster uk

(Main photo: Creator: John Stillwell; Credit: PA)


The love of animals that the whole family shared was evident. Penny and her mum Sally talked at length to us about their chickens, which had a wonderful spacious woodland enclosure complete with a luxurious chicken house. The smaller chickens they lovingly called “teenagers” and Penny’s mum told us of the difficulties they experienced breeding some of them.

Sally then talked a lot about her horses, how she cared for her injured horse, taking him a long way to see a vet, and then providing nursing care when he had to have a drain inserted to help his wound heal faster. Penny’s mum Sally was a most caring and an easy to talk to person telling us many stories involving her animals and her horse riding.

Over all, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet a world renowned great singer, whose songs we love, a beautiful model and their family with a very humble and friendly attitude! Thank you, again, Oliver, for booking The Pigfather’s services.


Miniature Pig Popcorn at Durrington house