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News and Education For Miniature Pigs



Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster hired our Miniature Pigs Biscuit and Popcorn for Borrow My Piggy Experience at Durrington House! At The Pigfather we love Sir Rod Stewart’s music and seeing him in real life was a great highlight of our visit!

micro pigs at Victoria and Albert museum london

Therapy Pigs Visit to Victoria and Albert Museum

In July 2019 we were invited to come to an exciting Friday Late “Pick of The Litter” Programme at Victoria and Albert Museum….

Micro Pig Health and Welfare

The Health and Welfare of our Micro Pigs is of paramount importance to us. Read on to find out how we strive to achieve health and happiness in our animals..

Micro Pigs for Schools and Nurseries

Mikey’s Amazing School Adventure!

Year of The Pig 2019

What symbolises the Year Of The Pig? Find out more!

therapy pigs for london students

Pig Therapy for Students in London

In March 2019 we were asked to visit some students in London to give them a much needed break from their studies.

cute mini pig

Big Day Out - a Micro Pig Community Event

29th June 2019 – our Micro Pigs Holly and Polly went to a large Community Event. Read more…

Renting Micro Pigs for Schools

Having our Micro Pigs at Your School or Nursery can bring enourmous benefits to the children….

Therapy Pigs for The Year of The Pig 2019

Our Commitment to Providing More Therapy Visits in 2019, The Year of The Pig!

Are Pigs Intelligent Animals

Miniature Pigs are very inteligent animals and they can be trained just like a dog to obey certain commands. What makes them so special?

History of MIniature Pigs

How Did Miniature Pigs come about? What is a Miniature Pig?

Our Story: The Story Of Piggy Pets In Wimbledon

Out Story to Becoming The Pigfather!

Myths About Mini Pigs

“Pigs are smelly, dirty and they sweat!” – there are many myths about pigs! Read the truth about these intelingent animals and be amazed!

Mobile Petting Farm

Find out how much fun our Miniature Pigs can bring to your Mobile Petting Zoo Party!

Micro Pigs for Film and TV: A Star Is Born

Sunny Stars in a PR Campaign for a Mobile Game. How did he do it?