Gallery: The Adventures of The Pigfather’s Miniature Pigs

Borrow My Piggy Experience with Biscuit and Popcorn at Durrington House with Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster, July 2020. 

We are happy to release the latest photos from the Photoshoot with the Modern Rock Band “Penelope Isles” back in May 2021 for their upcoming Album “Which Way To Happy”! Biscuit and Popcorn, our Trained Miniature Pigs, did an amazing job and we are so proud of them!

Miracle, Ella and Biscuit making everyone happy at their recent party adventures!

Miracle and Ella’s recent Party Adventures!

Ella and Miracle have been very busy recently visiting schools, parties, private therapy sessions and Borrow My Piggy overnight stays. They even managed to squeeze in an interior design company photoshoot!

Hello! We are Miracle and Ella – the Pigfather’s new Therapy Miniature Piglets in training! 🐷🐷
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦If you would like us to come and visit you in your home, school or a venue, please, let us know and we would be glad to put smiles on everyone’s faces! You can see our latest cute photos on Current Miniature Piglets page!
✍️Here is a little story I wrote about why I think both my sister Ella and I are so special, I hope you like it – lots of love, Miracle! 🐽 Read my Story here!
Please, meet our new Therapy Miniature Piglets in Training: Ella and Miracle! Holly is the proud mum of these wonderful babies. The piglets will be available for Borrow My Piggy Experience from early March 2021 and Small Family Gatherings/Party visits once the current lockdown has ended! If you are interested in booking them, please, contact us – we would be happy to help! Watch their recent videos on our Cute Miniature Piglet Videos page.

Our little piglets are enjoying lots of attention and love! February 2021

Our Baby Miniature Piglets were been born in early January 2021! Holly and Polly are proud mums of these stunning piglets. Watch their latest videos on our Cute Miniature Piglet Videos page.
When you are a Mummy’s boy you get away with almost anything! You even get a helping hand to get onto the couch (even the dog is not allowed on it!)😉.
🤫Top tip to becoming a Mummy’s boy: be extra cuddly and cute and you don’t even have to eat your vegetables (although I do like mine)! This is the first thing I am going to be teaching my babies when they are born in January 2021!
Love, Ollie🐷

Biscuit and Popcorn are getting into the festive season spirit! If you would like a visit from these amazing boys, please, get in touch with us – we will be happy to help!

Our cheeky boys Biscuit and Popcorn December 2020!

We are so excited to announce that our beautiful girls Holly and Polly are now expecting their first Piglet litters at the beginning of December 2020! Read more about our amazing piggies here…

If you are concerned about yours or your loved ones’ emotional wellbeing during the new National Lockdown from 5th November 2020 we can help you by offering Borrow My Piggy Experience. Our two Therapy Trained Miniature Pigs (Biscuit and Popcorn) can come and visit your home for 24 -30 hours without our presence. We are offering a 20% BLACK FRIDAY DEAL during the weekends of 21st/22nd November and 28th/29th November 2020 to help you experience this amazingly therapeutic miniature pig interaction. Find out more Borrow My Piggy Experience.

Our Therapy Trained Miniature Pigs Biscuit and Popcorn trying out their Christmas outfits, lovingly knitted by us. If you would like to have the boys come round to your garden for a small family gethering or for Borrow My Piggy Experience, please, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help. 

Biscuit and Popcorn, our adult, and still very small, Miniature pigs, can come to your Family get together or they could be “borrowed” as part of “Borrow My Piggy” Experience. We are offering a 20% discount on Borrow My Piggy visits during the two weeks of October half term (19th October – 1st November 2020). Found out more here.

A Recent “Borrow My Piggy” visit to a family in Surrey. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know Miniature Pigs (our Therapy Trained Biscuit and Popcorn) on a deeper level. Find out more on our Borrow My Piggy page.

Biscuit and Popcorn exploring their new temporary home during Borrow My Piggy Experience in September 2020. For more information on this service, please, visit Borrow My Piggy page.

Borrow My Piggy Experience with Biscuit and Popcorn in August 2020. We are continuing to offer a 25% discount on Borrow My Piggy visits until the end of August 2020 (the visits need to take place between September and December 2020)

From small gatherings (weddings, hen do’s, events) to private family parties, our Miniature Pigs can bring lots of joy post lockdown wherever they go. Visit our Parties and Events page for more information. 

Borrow My Piggy Experience with Biscuit and Popcorn. We are offering a 25% discount on Borrow My Piggy visits from June-August 2020 (the visit needs to take place until December 2020)

Biscuit and Popcorn – our friendly 15 months old Therapy Trained Miniature Pigs available for Borrow My Piggy Experience. We are offering a 25% discount on all Borrow My Piggy bookings from June-August 2020 (the booking needs to be made during this time but the actual visit can take place until the end of December 2020)

Our babies Lou-Lou and Summer (February 2020 born litter) in their new home! We are so happy they have such a loving beautiful home and so many animals to interact with! If you are looking for pet piglets to add to your family, please, get in touch with us!

Biscuit and Popcorn, our 15 months old Miniature Pigs, on a recent trip to a family get together in June 2020! It was so lovely to see how much joy the boys brought to everyone, especially after such a long time during the lockdown. If you would like a bit of Therapy from our Miniature Pigs, please, take a look at our Parties page to find out how we can help you!

Biscuit and Popcorn – our wonderful, friendly Therapy Trained Miniature Pigs would like to stay with you during Borrow My Piggy Service. We are offering a 25% discount on all Borrow My Piggy bookings from June-August 2020. Please, enquire – we would be glad to help you experience this amazing opportunity!

After the long lock down period, our babies are now ready to start meeting you! If you are thinking of a outdoor family gathering, a special occasion or a birthday party, our friendly and cuddly piggies will be glad to meet you! Please, visit our Parties and Events page for more information. We are starting to book from end of June 2020.

Watch our little babies grow as you join us on a wonderful piglet adventure! We have created a Blog Series called “The Life of a Piglet: From Birth to Weaning” with interesting facts, Youtube videos and information on how to raise your own little piglet! We hope you enjoy your adventure!

Our babies are growing and fast becoming wonderful and friendly additions to The Pigfather’s team. Two of the babies are still looking for their loving new homes, so, if you are wondering about keeping a Miniature Pig why not take a look at our Buying a Miniature Pig page to find out if this is for you as well as Miniature Pigs for Sale page. 

We’ve got exciting news! Our baby Miniature Piglets were born on 27th February 2020! Mamma Connie and Dadda Romeo are extremely proud of their beautiful babies. We have 5 babies of fantastic colours and some of them will be looking for their new loving homes when they are weaned at 8 weeks of age. If you are interested in keeping a Miniature Pig as a Pet, please, take a look at our Buying a Miniature Pig page to find out if this is for you as well as Miniature Pigs for Sale page. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are happy to have recently visited a Care Home in Esher. Holly and Polly were wonderful girls and gave everyone much needed Animal Therapy. If you would like a visit from Holly and Polly at your friend’s or a relative’s care or nursing home, please, visit our Therapy Visits page for more information.

Holly and Polly have visited a Specialist School in London in February 2020. Both the children and the staff really enjoyed meeting our specially trained piggies! For more information on our school visits or Miniature Pigs therapy sessions, please, visit our School Visits page or Miniature Pigs for Therapy page

At The Pigfather we are passionate about education! During our Miniature Pig visits, we aim to inspire children to want to learn more by engaging them with our piggies and teaching them respect and love towards “all creatures great and small”! Here we are at a Chinese New Year/Birthday Party in London with Biscuit and Popcorn, our 10 months old babies, February 2020.

Another happy visit of January 2020! Holly and Polly are our wonderful, trained and cuddly 15 months old Miniature Pigs. They always bring so much happiness and joy everywhere they go. For more information on how to book the girls for your next party or an event, please, visit our Parties page.

Our Miniature Pigs Biscuit and Popcorn at a January 2020 Hen Party near London. There were smiles all around despite the cold weather. For more information on our Miniature Pig Hen Do’s and Weddings, please, visit Miniature Pigs for Weddings page.

Our Miniature Pigs Biscuit, Popcorn, Holly and Polly have been busy going to Birthday and Business Parties this Festive Season! For more information on our friendly piggies’ parties and events, please, visit our Parties page.

Christmas 2019 is just around the corner! At The Pigfather it’s always a magical time with every piggy waiting for their special Christmas treat after all their hard work going to parties! Mikey, Sunny, Biscuit and Popcorn are in the festive spirits already! 

Popcorn modelling his latest Christmas Outfit for 2019 Season! Doesn’t he look cute in it? If you would like to hire him and his piggy friends for Christmas Parties/Events they could all be persuaded to wear the adorable costumes on the day (for some special treats, of course)!

Holly and Polly have been feeling  Christmassy! They have been painting masterpieces as gifts for those lucky enough to win our Christmas competition. To find out more, head to our Shop page!

Our Talented tiny Holly stars for LADBible Video clip which has just been released in November 2019. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos on our TV and Media page. We are so proud of Holly!

Introducing  #snoutart competition on our Social Media! For a chance to win a Piggy Painting, created by their snouts and trotters, please, pop over to our Shop to get more details. The Super Pet Polly (from Sky TV Play Your Pets Right, Series 2, Episode 4) has “signed” some of them with her signature!

Biscuit and Popcorn visiting a Hen Party in November 2019. What a Fun Day it was! For more information on what we offer for Weddings, Hen Parties and Anniversaries, please, visit our Weddings page.

Cuddly 1 year old Holly and Polly have been busy with Party visits in the Autumn Season. Book your very own Unforgettable Party with the girls on our Parties page.

Our Autumn Children’s Party visits with Biscuit and Popcorn. Follow more of their adventure on Parties and Entertainment page.

Polly on set for Play Your Pets Right, Series 2, Episode 4, 4 hours of filming in a stunning location. See more photos of the shoot on our TV and Media page.

October 2019 has been a busy month for The Pigfather. Preparing for Polly to star in Series 4 of Play Your Pets Right, attending Halloween Birthday Parties and brushing up the training skills of Mikey, Sunny and Connie, it’s been an exciting month so far already!

Welfare of our Miniature Pigs is of paramount importance to us. Their happiness is our joy. Sept 2019

More happy customers cuddling Biscuit and Popcorn ! August 2019. From Birthday Parties to Hendricks Gin Promotional video – what a busy month! 

Biscuit, Holly and Popcorn are enjoying their party cuddles! August 2019

Holly and Polly filming for a super secret LADBible promotional video August 2019. More details coming soon…..

Friday Late “Pick of the Litter” Programme with Holly and Polly at Victoria and Albert Museum in July 2019

From a Surprise Birthday Present, a Nursery Visit to a Hen Party, Our Piggies have been very busy in July 2019

Biscuit and Popcorn undergoing their training and they are enjoying every single minute! July 2019

Our Beautiful Miniature Piglets, Popcorn, Holly and Polly, July 2019

Biscuit and Popcorn are enjoying their new lives with us. June 2019

The New Additions to Our Piggy Family: Biscuit and Popcorn! June 2019

Another happy customer: a surprise Birthday gift! May 2019

It always makes us happy to see the positive influence our piggies have on the children they visit! April – May 2019

Our lovely piglet Holly is available for our “Borrow My Piggy” Service. For more details, please, visit our website

Polly, the twin sister of Holly, can also be hired for “Borrow My Piggy” Service. Please,  click on the photos for more information

More happy customers meeting our Miniature Piglets Holly and Polly, April 2019

Holly and Polly enjoying cuddles at a Child’s Birthday Party, March 2019

Waiting for the children to come in: a toddler group visit in Surrey with Holly and Polly, our miniature piglets, February 2019

Cuddles with Holly and Polly, our 3.5 months old piglets. February 2019

Children enjoying petting Mikey and Connie at a private event. February 2019