We are so excited to be awaiting the first litters from our amazing Miniature Pigs Holly and Polly Corleone! Being twins, the girls have always done things together and even now they are both expecting their first piglets at the same time! Their due dates are at the beginning of January 2021 and we can’t wait to welcome their little babies into The Pigfather’s pig family!

Holly and Polly are among the smallest of the Miniature Pigs on our farm, with Holly actually being the smallest piggy! They are also incredibly beautiful – both girls have long soft coats and are both tri-colour. Longer coats protect piggies from harsh winters as well as offer protection from the sun in the heat of summers.

Most importantly, the piggies have wonderful temperaments having visited many schools, nurseries and private parties over the past two years which helped them to get used to children of all ages and personalities. A friendly disposition and a good temperament are vital for pet pigs, and in our experience, are more important than size and colour especially when it comes to training pigs for Therapy work. Holly and Polly have undergone more than a year’s training to ensure they are well socialised, obedient and friendly piggies. They are now fully trained Therapy Pigs and we are so proud of them.

MARCH 2021 UPDATE: Meet Miracle and Ella – Holly and Ollie’s beautiful piglets. The babies have started their Therapy Training with us and are available for hire for Small Family Gatherings/Parties, Borrow My Piggy, TV and Media Work, Weddings, Schools and other visits. See their current photos on Current Miniature Piglets page.

beautiful miniature pigs holly and polly in surrey
polly and holly the micro pigs uk



Something interesting occurred when we introduced the girls to our stud boars. The piggies actually chose their own boars! This was most amazing to see because Polly had a clear preference for Romeo, whereas Holly decided to choose Ollie as her partner! Neither was interested in the other boar!

Romeo is a truly charming gentle man, who knows how to court a lady! Coming from the famous breeding lines of Rob Rose, one of the original breeders of small sized pigs, Romeo is a beautiful small boar with a lush long black coat. He also has a rare scent of Maple Syrup which becomes quite strong from time to time and is simply irresistible to our girls!

We have bred our own boar Ollie here at The Pigfather. Ollie is Romeo’s son and is, quite possibly, the most adorable and cutest piggy on our farm! He is always up to some mischief and likes to show his daddy who is the boss! He has been very well socialised with our children, our dog, friends and family and sometimes we feel as if he was not a pig but a cat, he is so affectionate. We are very proud of our boy and cannot wait to see his babies. Ollie has a lovely long tri-colour coat with brown/black and white markings.

beautiful romeo the pigfather's breeding boar
cute miniature pig ollie being cuddled by natasha


Holly and Polly have recently turned 2 years old and are our beautiful and very intelligent girls. There are no words to express our joy of sharing our lives with these girls, they have been the most amazing gentle pets and provided countless Therapy Experiences to many children and adults in the UK by visiting schools, nurseries, universities, private and corporate events as well as parties.

They have even been invited to attend a Miniature Pig Therapy Session at Victoria and Albert Museum Friday Late program in 2019 with people queuing for hours to see them! It was amazing to meet so many people who were interested in Animal Assisted Therapy and who were eager to learn about our UK’s First Certified Therapy Pigs.

In addition, Holly and Polly have also featured on promotional campaigns for LADbible and Three UK and featured on Sky Tv “Play Your Pets Right” Series 2, Episode 4 in the summer of 2019! Polly won the Super-pet Challenge Award as the Moonwalking Pig! With hard training over a few weeks, Polly managed to walk backwards for 2 meters, spin around and walk 2 meters backwards again! This was simply amazing and we were beyond proud of our little girl.

Whilst Polly was winning her Super Pet Challenge Award, Holly was showcasing her skate boarding, piano playing as well as painting skills during filming with LADbible for Three G Relaxing promotional video. Holly was superb at mastering these skills on set which were built upon her hard work at home creating snout paintings, playing piano and learning the “Touch” command.

Meet our girls in action: Holly’s and Polly’s TV and Media Career



If you are interested in Holly’s and Polly’s babies, please, get in touch with us. We do have a waiting list for these babies and will be contacting everyone on the list shortly. Those who put down a 50% deposit will secure the babies.

We recommend that all prospective buyers read our Buying a Miniature Piglet page to understand the responsibilities of looking after miniature pigs as well as the legal side of owning them in the UK. A CPH number is a legal requirement and must be obtained before you reserve piglets from us. More information on this is available on the page above.

We take great care of our piggies and they form a part of our family. When choosing homes for our babies we will give a priority to those customers who either already have a CPH number or have applied for it, who will be housing the piglets outdoors in a purpose built secure pen in pairs or more (we would just ask to see a photo of their pen – ready or in construction) or who have purchased the Borrow My Piggy Experience.

Piggies are very social animals with a strict herd hierarchy and they, therefore, need another piggy to feel happy. Many people assume that their dog or a cat will make good companions to the pigs and will play with them – this is not so in our experience. Pigs are very different species to dogs and cats and will feel much happier if they have a buddy of their own kind.

Owning a pet pig is a responsible long-term commitment as pigs can live for up to 15 years or more. Miniature piglets are extremely cute and are absolutely adorable but they will all grow up to become adults. For this reason, we do not sell piglets to those who are under 21 years old. A parent or guardian needs to get in touch with us on behalf of the young person.

If you are still interested in purchasing Holly’s and Polly’s miniature piglets from us, please, get in touch with us – we will be happy to hear from you!

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miniature pig polly sitting down at home
miniature pig holly sitting down at home