Are you looking for Micro/Miniature Pigs for sale as Pets in the UK? Welcome to The Pigfather – a place where Micro Pigs are called Miniature Pigs, where they are raised as part of the family and where they train to become Therapy Pigs!

As part of our Miniature Pig Therapy Training Business in London UK occasionally we have Micro/Miniature Pigs availalbe for sale. We welcome you to read our Buying a Miniature Piglet page to find out if Miniature Pig Ownership is for you. In addition, we offer a Borrow My Piggy Service – an amazing unique opportunity to “borrow” our piglets for a day to a week to learn more about what it takes to become a Miniature Pig Owner!

In addition, we will offer a 50% discount on the purchase price of the piglets for those who have bought Borrow My Piggy within 3 months of booking the Service, subject to availability.

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  • We offer small-scale breeding headed by a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with several Animal Care Qualifications and over 25 years of Experience of working with animals.  More information about us can be found on About Us page. All our piggies are our special pets;
  • We primarily breed for good temperament, which is imperative for pet pigs, then colour and small size;
  • Our piglets are Handled and Socialized from the day they are born by our family and friends ensuring they are friendly with people and other animals, and ready to become wonderful pets;
  • Providing a Holistic approach to raising outdoor Miniature pigs we focus on training them to become suitable for Therapy work;
  • We run Borrow My Piggy Service – offering a unique opportunity to “borrow” piglets to decide if piglets are right for you;
  • The male piglets will be neutered by a veterinary surgeon (at no extra cost to you) before going home with you
  • All piglets come wormed and treated for mites
  • The piglet price includes a Welcome letter, a Guide for New Piglet Owners, a Certificate of your piglet’s Birth, a Miniature Pig Fact File and a Chart for Body Condition Scoring of your pig;
  • We offer long term support when you need it;
  • Under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals Selling Animals as Pets) Regulations (2018) a pet breeder is required to be licenced by their Borough Council. We are proud to have passed stringent regulations and the inspection by our Council and are now Licenced Breeders of Miniature Pigs. We have been awarded a Higher Level of Licence because of the Highest Standards of Welfare, of which we are so proud. It is our belief that this will  give you extra peace of mind that our animals are looked after to the highest Welfare Standards. Our Health and Welfare Police can be found on Micro Pig Health and Welfare page. Our Licence Number: 19/00325/PETSHP
  • Prices including VAT: 1 Piglet – £400.00, 2 piglets – £700.00
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All our piglets will be sold fully weaned from their mother, which is usually at 8 weeks of age (2 months). Our boys will be neutered by a veterinary surgeon under general anaesthetic (at no extra cost to you). We advise that if you chose to buy a girl that she is spayed by your vet at a recommended by them age. It is usual to spay the females at around 3-4 months of age.

Having trained many Miniature Pigs for Therapy Work under the AMPA Miniature Pig Therapy Pet Certification Programme, which is an Accredited Training Course for Therapy Miniature Pigs, it is our firm belief that piggies become much better pets when they are neutered. Entire (un-neutered) pigs will have a lot of hormones circulating in their bodies which can make them unpredictable, less willing to train and harder to become pets. This is especially true for male piglets (boars) who, in our opinion, are unsuitable as pets if not neutered (castrated).

Young female piglets (gilts) will have mood swings around their season time (oestrus), which can begin as early as 6 months of age, and this is not always fun! Castrated males and spayed females make the best, most wonderful pets as they have no hormonal destructions!

All piglets will be wormed and preventatively treated for mites. They will come with a Welcome letter including the Body Condition Scoring chart, a Certificate of the piglets’ Birth, a Miniature Pig Fact File as well as the Legal Paperwork.  You will also receive a Guide for New Piglet Owners detailing how to look after your Pet Pig. In addition, we provide a small amount of food which the piglets have been eating at home to help them with a smooth transition to their new diet.

If you are interested in buying our piglets, please, get in touch with us. We would love to have a chat with you on the phone and arrange for you to come and see our piglets and their parents (we have both their mum and dad). If after visiting you would like to make a purchase, we would request that you fill in our Piglet Reservation form, which we will send to you, and pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price to reserve your piglet. The remaining amount can be settled a week before you pick up your precious babies. We look forward to meeting you!

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CURRENT PIGLET LITTER AVAILABLE (all born on our farm in the UK on 27th February 2020)


MOTHER: Connie Corleone (photo below)

FATHER: Romeo Corleone (photo below)

PIGLETS: 5 piglets (4 girls and 1 boy!)

D.O.B: 27/02/2020

READY TO LEAVE: from 8 weeks (23rd April 2020 onwards)

PRICE: £400.00 one piglet, £700.00 for two


We have a new litter of wonderful piglets just born and they are looking for their forever loving homes. We have 1 boy and 4 girls. Please, follow their new adventures on our Social Media pages!

Miniature pig Connie, our breeding sow

Connie Corleone- the Mother

Connie is our gentle and very clever piggy! She is always the first to figure out how things are run on the farm and she is the fastest of all our pigs! Originally a very shy girl, with lots of love, training and patience Connie has blossomed into a wonderful young lady, whom we are very proud of! Together with Mikey and Sunny she is our original Therapy Pig with many School, Event and Party Visits behind her belt!

Romeo the Miniature Pig at the pigfather

Romeo Corleone - The Father

Romeo is our cheeky and romantic Stud Boar! Coming from the famous Rob Rose Miniature Pig breeding lines, Romeo is a charming young man whom our girls simply can’t resist! Rob Rose was one of the original breeders of small-sized Miniature Pigs in the UK in 1990s.

mama and the babies
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Miniature piglets and a cup uk
Miniature Pig Connie with her piglets at The Pigfather ltd UK
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Boy - Ginger/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture

micro piglets as pets for sale near me

Girl - Ginger with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture

little piglet for sale near me

Girl - Ginger/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture

piglets for sale near me

Girl - all Black. 2 days old on this picture

little piglets for sale near london

Girl -White/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture


Please, get in touch with us either by calling 0208 914 8241 or via email. We would be happy to meet you and help you on your wonderful journey to becomig a Miniature Pig Owner!

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