Are you looking for Micro/Miniature Pigs for sale as Pets in the UK? Welcome to The Pigfather – a place where Micro Pigs are called Miniature Pigs, where they are raised as part of the family and where they train to become Therapy Pigs!

As part of our Miniature Pig Therapy Training Business in London UK occasionally we have Micro/Miniature Pigs availalbe for sale. We welcome you to read our Buying a Miniature Piglet page to find out if Miniature Pig Ownership is for you.

In addition, we offer a Borrow My Piggy Service – an amazing unique opportunity to “borrow” our piglets for 24 -30 hours to learn more about what it takes to become a Miniature Pig Owner!

 Borrow My Piggy customers get a first priority on our Piglet Waiting List because we would have seen the property and we would have spoken to you, the potential owners, ensuring that our piglets get the best possible future homes.

Our Health and Welfare Policy can be found on Micro Pig Health and Welfare page. 

If you would like to get our latest news and offers, please, sign up to our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  

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  • A Breeder with a Higher Level of Welfare and Care Standards for our Miniature Pigs. Please, refer to our Miniature Pig Welfare Policy for more information on our Miniature Pig Health and Welfare standards;
  • We offer small-scale breeding headed by Natasha (The Pigfather’s Co-Founder and Director) – a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with Diplomas in Animal Care at Distinction level and a Master’s Degree in Science, with over 28 years of Experience of working with animals.  More information about us can be found on About Us page;
  • We breed for good temperament, which is imperative for pet pigs, attractive colour and small size, and, of course, good health;
  • Our piglets are Handled and Socialised from the day they are born by our family and friends ensuring they are friendly with people and other animals, and ready to become wonderful pets;
  • Providing a Holistic approach to raising outdoor Miniature pigs we focus on training them to become suitable for Therapy work;
  • We run Borrow My Piggy Service – offering a unique opportunity to “borrow” our Miniature Pigs to decide if they are the right choice of pet for you. You will also get a first priority on our piglet waiting list should you wish to purchase piglets from us;
  • All new piglet owners are carefully chosen by us to ensure our piglets have the best possible lives;
  • The male piglets will be neutered by a veterinary surgeon under general anaesthetic (at no extra cost to you) before going home with you;
  • All piglets are Health Checked by a Vet and come wormed and preventatively treated for mange mites;
  • The piglet price includes a Welcome letter, a Guide for New Piglet Owners, a Birth and Health Certificate of your piglet(s), a Miniature Pig Fact File and a Chart for Body Condition Scoring of your pig;
  • We offer long term support if you need it;
  • OUR PRICES: 1 piglet – £600.00, 2 piglets – £1,000, 3 piglets – £1,400 



Natasha the owner was so lovely and helped me from the day I contacted her. She sent me lots of information for me to read and offered to be on the end of the phone if I had any questions. Natasha and her 2 daughters who delivered my piglet were so lovely and you could see they were sorry to see her go. I would recommend anyone to purchase a piglet through the Pigfather company. Thank you so much

Shelwe Lets Ashley

Trustpilot Review

Natasha, the owner and breeder, puts all her heart and soul into the wonderful care she provides for all her animals. They are her pets whom she adores tremendously. Her knowledge and skills are outstanding and I can honestly say the services the Pigfather provides are of the highest quality in animal care and customer service.


Trustpilot Review

Good morning Natasha,

The girls are settling in lovely, I think they’re very happy. I have attached a few photos for you. Many thanks for all what you have done for us. It’s so nice to know that you are there if we need you, really comforting to know. You are a great lady with a great passion for your piggy’s and it is lovely to see.

Once again many Thanks.

Paul D.

via email

“Wow first of all I would like to say a massive thank you.To Natasha and the rest of the pigfather team.🐷 Natasha is so passionate and Dedicated about her work. She most definitely knows her stuff when it comes to piggies. Natasha always go’s above and beyond. She has a beautiful soul and heart of gold.
My personal experience when purchasing our piggies. Was absolutely fantastic. Natasha and her team worked there magic. They choose peppa and George for us. Who they worked with day /night to make sure they would be perfect for our family.
Peppa and George are absolutely beautiful. They are so loving gentle and happy.
Personally I can’t express how lucky we are as a family to have them both in our life’s.
Our beautiful family is complete 🐷🐷.
Thank you once again Natasha.
Kind regards Kelly and family xxx”
Kelly Aslett

Facebook Review

Natasha was fantastic so helpful with everything.
Nothing was to much and if we are not sure on something we can also pick up the phone to her and she is more than happy to help.
Big Thank you to the Pig Father Team

Paul Downes

Trustpilot Review

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All our piglets will be sold fully weaned from their mother, which is usually at 8 -9 weeks of age (2 months). Our boys will be neutered by a veterinary surgeon under general anaesthetic (at no extra cost to you). 

All piglets will be wormed and preventatively treated for sarcoptic mange mites. They will come with a Welcome letter including the Body Condition Scoring chart, a Certificate of the piglets’ Birth and Health, a Miniature Pig Fact File as well as the Legal Paperwork.  You will also receive a Guide for New Piglet Owners explaining in more detail how to look after your Pet Pigs. In addition, you can purchase a 20kg Allen and Page Pot-bellied Pig food from us to get you started before you find your own local supplier. We can board them for you if you cannot pick them up or have them delivered to you at 8 – 9 weeks of age.

If you are interested in buying our piglets, please, get in touch with us and we will send you more information.

The Pigfather’s Buying a Miniature Piglet Process. Please, be advised that we do have a Waiting List for our piglets. All prospective buyers will be asked to complete a New Piglet Owner Questionnaire so that we could chose the best new homes of our piglets. Once we receive back all the Questionnaires, we will send a Piglet Reservation Form to the most suitable customers to complete. On receipt of the 25% non-refundable deposit as well as the Piglet Reservation Form, we will reserve piglets for you. The remaining amount is due three weeks after the piglets’ birth.

Terms and Conditions of Piglet Sale will be emailed to you together with the Piglet Reservation Form.

Please, note you must be 21 years old or over to buy piglets from us. If you are under 21 you are required to have a written consent from your legal guardian or parent (this could be in a form of an email to us) and they must get in touch with us to start the sales process.

If you would like to get the latest news and offers, please, sign up to our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  

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We look forward to meeting you!

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micro pigs for sale near me



Due to our customer pulling out of the sale at the last minute because of personal circumstances, we now have two beautiful babies available to purchase, two little boys (white/pink spot with a black eye brow and a ginger tint/champaigne colour boy, whos photos you can see immediately below) who will be neutered at the beginning of February 2022 and will be ready to leave us from Sunday 27th February 2022. Both boys have wonderful temperaments and remind us of their dad Ollie, whom we have also bred.
Very sadly, soon after giving birth to healthy babies on 5th January 2022, their mum Holly passed away, which meant we took on the task of hand rearing the four babies. All the piglets are doing very well, they are healthy and very strong and are incredibly friendly. Hand rearing provides an amazing opportunity to socialise piglets even further because they are handled all the time and would make amazing therapy pets.
To see the most up to date videos and photos of the piglets, please, visit our

These piglets will be offered on a first come first served basis and will be going together to the most loving home (they will be reserved with a full payment).

 The prices includes the castration of the boys under a general anaesthetic as well as a Health Check of all the piglets by our vet, so you would not need to pay extra for this. We prefer to deliver our piglets to their new owners so that we can see their new set ups and settle them in. There is an additional delivery cost depending on the area.

1 piglet – £600.00, 2 piglets – £1,000

To express an interest in these two boys, please, email us.

boy with a black eye brow
cute little baby boy piglet
ginger tint micro piglet
micro piglet drinking from a bowl
baby piglet with a plate of fruit
micro piglet ginger tint boy


ALL PIGLETS HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD (but you can follow their incredibly cute adventures on our Instagram or Facebook pages!)

We are very excited to have welcomed Polly and Ollie’s litter of 5 beautiful girl piglets on Tuesday 19th October 2021!  Polly is a second time mum (her previous litter was with our stud boar Romeo) and Ollie is a second time dad (he fathered a litter with Polly’s sister Holly). The current photos (2 days old) of the babies are below the parents’ photos.

Polly is our trained Miniature Pig who has won a prestigious Super Pet Challenge Award during filming for Sky TV Play Your Pets Right (Series 2, Episode 4)! Ollie is our home bred young stud boar who has already fathered a wonderful litter with Polly’s sister Holly. Our latest Therapy Piglets in Training – Miracle and Ella – are Ollie’s babies, we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Miracle and Ella (our current Therapy Miniature Pigs in Training) will be featuring on ITV’s The Pet Show – a brand-new series hosted by Dermot O’Leary and Joanna Page in December 2021 (more details will be available soon). For more information on our pigs’ PR campaigns, please, visit our TV and Media page.

Please, see their latest photos on our Current Miniature Piglets for Hire page. Some photos of Polly’s and Ollie’s previous piglets can also be seen on this page below.

 The prices includes the castration of the male piglets under a general anaesthetic as well as a Health Check of all the piglets by our vet, so you would not need to pay extra for this. 

1 piglet – £600.00, 2 piglets – £1,000, 3 piglets – £1,400 

To express an interest in Polly and Ollie’s October 2021 litter, please, email us.

white spot and champaigne ginger tint girls playing
Polly's third girl piglet
Polly's second girl
Happy Halloween with Polly's miniature baby piglets
Natasha with Polly's baby piglet
Polly's second girl
Polly's fifth and third girls
champaigne ginger tint girl2
Polly's first girl, champainge ginger tint
Happy Halloween!
Polly's beautiful baby piglets suckling
Polly's baby piglets


We are beyond words excited about Holly’s and Polly’s first Miniature Pig litters at the beginning of January 2021! They are exceptional piggies in every way! 

 We have a waiting list for these piglets and will give preference to customers wishing to purchase two or more piglets as the animals are much happier living together with their own kind. Find our more information on these litters on the link below:



MOTHER: Polly (Apolonia) Corleone (photo below)

FATHER: Romeo Corleone (photo below)

PIGLETS: 6 piglets (4 boys and 2 girls!)

D.O.B: 07/01/2021

READY TO LEAVE: from 8 weeks (6th March 2021 onwards)

Polly had 4 boys and 2 girls. Four of the piglets have the most amazing rare colour – they are striped like baby wild boar piglets and also like some Swedish piglets! The other two piglets are beautiful white/pink with black spots. Please, watch their videos on our Cute Piglet Videos page.

MOTHER: Holly Corleone (photo below)

FATHER: Ollie Corleone (photo below)

PIGLETS: 5 piglets (3 boys and 2 girls)

D.O.B: 10/01/2021

READY TO LEAVE: from 8 weeks (6th March 2021 onwards)

Holly has had four beautiful pink piglets (white with black spots) and one stunning ginger. All the babies have the most placid calm personalities from both their mum and dad. Please, watch their videos on our Cute Piglet Videos page.

a stripy baby miniature piglet
two cute baby micro piglets
baby miniature piglets suckling from mamma
adorable ginger piglet uk
little miracle baby piglet uk
stripy piglet holding a straw in her mouth uk
miniature pig holly expecting her first piglets december 2020

Holly Corleone - The Mother

Holly is our smallest piggy with a wonderful temperament. Boasting a lovely long tri-colour coat Holly is a stunning clever girl. Read Holly’s story here.

miniature pig Ollie being held by Natasha

Ollie Corleone - The Father

Ollie has been bred by us and is the most gentle, cuddly and mischivous little man! Read more about Ollie here.

miniature pig polly awaiting her first piglets

Polly Corleone - The Mother

Polly is our little star – featuring on Sky TV “Play Your Pets Right” Series 2 (Episode 4), Polly won the Superpet Challenge as the ultimate Moonwalking Pig! Read about Polly’s TV and Media Adventures here.

Romeo the father of the piglet litter december 2020

Romeo Corleone - The Father

Romeo is our beautiful and very charming stud boar! The father of Ollie, he has a particularly attractive trait – from time to time he smells of Maple Syrup, which our girls simply can’t resist! Read more about Romeo here.

cute rare colour miniature piglet at the pigfather
a friendly little cute piglet
cute micro piglets with amazing stripy colours
a pretty ginger micro piglet uk
miniature piglet eating a carrot
miniature pig holly with her babies uk


MOTHER: Connie Corleone (photo below)

FATHER: Romeo Corleone (photo below)

PIGLETS: 5 piglets (4 girls and 1 boy!)

D.O.B: 27/02/2020

READY TO LEAVE: from 8 weeks (23rd April 2020 onwards)


We have a new litter of wonderful piglets just born and they are looking for their forever loving homes. We have 1 boy and 4 girls. Please, follow their new adventures on our Social Media pages!

Miniature pig Connie, our breeding sow

Connie Corleone- the Mother

Connie is our gentle and very clever piggy! She is always the first to figure out how things are run on the farm and she is the fastest of all our pigs! Originally a very shy girl, with lots of love, training and patience Connie has blossomed into a wonderful young lady, whom we are very proud of! Together with Mikey and Sunny she is our original Therapy Pig with many School, Event and Party Visits behind her belt!

Romeo the Miniature Pig at the pigfather

Romeo Corleone - The Father

Romeo is our cheeky and romantic Stud Boar! Coming from the famous Rob Rose Miniature Pig breeding lines, Romeo is a charming young man whom our girls simply can’t resist! Rob Rose was one of the original breeders of small-sized Miniature Pigs in the UK in 1990s.

mama and the babies
five miniature piglets on a playing mat uk
a child brushing miniature piglets in uk
smiling miniature piglet uk
Miniature piglets and a cup in the uk
Miniature Pig Connie with her piglets at The Pigfather ltd in the UK
micro piglets uk

Boy - Ginger/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture. No longer available.

micro piglets as pets for sale near me

Girl - Ginger with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture. No longer available.

little piglet for sale near me

Girl - Ginger/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture. No longer available.

piglets for sale near me

Girl - all Black. 2 days old on this picture. No longer available.

little piglets for sale near london

Girl -White/Champagne with Black Spots. 2 days old on this picture. No longer available.


Please, get in touch with us either by calling 0208 914 8241 or via email. We would be happy to meet you and help you on your wonderful journey to becomig a Miniature Pig Owner!

twin miniature piglets being held by a child uk
a cute ginger miniature piglet in a child's arms uk
cuddly miniature piglets uk




Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster hired our Miniature Pigs Biscuit and Popcorn for Borrow My Piggy Experience at Durrington House! At The Pigfather we love Sir Rod Stewart’s music and seeing him in real life was a great highlight of our visit!