Mikey and Sunny, our Micro Pigs, or as we prefer to call them, our Mini Pigs can be booked to visit schools, nurseries or childminder facilities. This provides an amazing opportunity for children of all ages to experience a very close encounter with real pigs in the comfort of their classroom or school grounds.

On Friday 16th November 2018, Mikey, our friendly pig, visited a Primary School in Surrey. He walked up to a classroom where Year 6 children were all waiting for him in anticipation. They had been preparing for his visit for the whole week, talking about pigs and thinking of a variety of questions they would wish to ask when he finally arrives. Wearing his knitted colourful jumper, Mikey stepped into the class, and the children could not hold their excitement! Beaming with delight and astonishment, they couldn’t wait to stroke him! But before they did so, they had a very informative introduction into Miniature Pigs.

A range of topics were discussed including Origin of Pigs and Miniature Pigs, Micro Pigs verses Mini Pigs, Pig Diet and Exercise Requirements, Legislation concerning keeping and walking of Pigs, Natural Pig Behaviour and an Introduction into Pig Anatomy and Physiology. Children then had an opportunity to ask a variety of questions relating to the above topics and an hour later, there was still a lot of buzz and even more questions! Longevity of Micro Pigs, poisonous foods for pigs, socialisation and training, pig intelligence, caring for Micro Pigs, ear tags and keeping Micro Pigs as pets were just some of the other topics which were discussed. It was wonderful to see such enthusiasm and to be able to help children develop their thinking and rationale acquiring knowledge in such a practical and fun way! No book could ever come close to beating such a personal experience.

Then came the handling bit! The hardest thing was deciding who would come up to Mikey first as everybody wanted to rush and pet him at once! After establishing some order, all the children had an opportunity to cuddle Mikey, feel his warm body and touch his soft hair and wagging tail! Mikey did brilliantly and was such a calm and friendly Mini Pig! All his previous training towards becoming a Certified Therapy Pig certainly played a great role in helping him to become a stable, calm and approachable boy.

Having walked around the classroom, Mikey was then invited to parade on a red carpet of the school corridor with all the children standing in a line along the wall and waiving at him! The children then took turns to walk him on a harness and lead! Nobody wanted to go home!
Mikey’s visit did not end on that Friday. He was the talk of the whole school for days to come with many children asking about him and remembering his visit with fondness.

2019 is just round the corner and it happens to be the Year of The Pig! This is a perfect opportunity to invite our Miniature Pigs to your school or nursery to inspire creative writing or art or to contribute to the other elements of the Curriculum. We can provide tailor made packages to suit a variety of situations and requirements; from an Assembly Power Point presentation to a whole school visit. If you have a particular theme in mind, please, get in touch with us, we would be more than happy to help.

“The PigFather visited our school in Epsom, Surrey with Mikey. The children absolutely loved the visit and learnt so much about these special pigs’ lifestyle, diet and habits. Mikey was calm and well-trained and the children adored seeing and stroking him. We can’t wait for our next visit!”