MIRACLE’S STORY – a story of birth of a Miniature piglet destined to become UK’s next Therapy Miniature Pig! 

It was a cold night of 9th January 2021 – minus 2 or minus 3…. sitting, waiting, watching for mama pig to give birth. My human momma (Natasha) had been waiting for my mum Holly to start giving birth to me and my siblings the whole day. It was now midnight and my mommy started nest building in preparation for our arrival. Having shredded the water bowl into pieces, she was having contractions which made her uncomfortable and irritable – my mommy would never have normally done anything like that before, I was told.

Having decided that the warm cosy house was not for her, my mommy finally lied down on the woodchip which was covering the whole pen. Her contractions increased and the waters broke, my little sister Ella was first to appear at 3:30 am! As she was coming feet first, she appeared to have been stuck there for a while, Natasha gave her a helping hand and genly eased her out. What a relief it was for my mum! Very quickly my other sister followed (Peppa) and then my brother (Murphy).

It was quite a job to keep them dry and warm in this cold frosty weather as my mommy was still lying outside of the house and refused to go in. So, my siblings were being kept warm by the lovely blankets Natasha had prepared. They all had a wonderfully warming drink of the first milk (colostrum), fighting for the best places to be closer to my mum. After a short while all the afterbirth came out and Natasha thought this was the end of the birth with my mommy having just 3 piglets (after all, she is quite a small piggy, in fact, the smallest on the farm).

Somehow, Natasha still had her doubts and continued sitting with my sisters and my brother to keep watch over them throughout the night. The hungry foxes were prowling around the pen waiting for any moment to snatch them away – the afterbirth attracted the foxes and since my mommy was so tired, she wouldn’t have been able to protect us!

little miniature piglet miracle


Suddenly, at about 5 am on 10th January 2021, Natasha noticed my momma pushing and pushing again! In the dark of the early morning, with the help of a torch and trying to keep her eyes open and her fingers from being frozen, Natasha noticed the waters had broken again! Very shortly afterwards, to her great surprise, I poppped out and I was alive! Rubbing me vigorously to dry me quickly in this bitterly cold night and taking care of my umbilical cord disinfecting it and making sure I don’t get entangled in it especially as it was particularly long, she gently put me next to my sisters Peppa and Ella and my brother Murphy by my mum’s side expecting me to start drinking my first milk whilst she took care of my next brother (Oreo) who had just came out straight after me and was struggling to breath through all that stuff that surrounded us during our birth! But I wasn’t interested.

All I wanted after a long birth was to cuddle by my mum’s head. After about half an hour I finally regained my strength and became hungry. I was looking for mum’s milk but there was no milk left for me! My siblings had drank all the milk from one side of my mum as she was still lying on her side and they started pushing me away from her!

My human mama had to think quickly. She swiftly scooped my strong sisters and my bigger brothers and placed them safely under the heat lamp inside the house so that I could be with my mum alone. Luckily for me, they fell asleep as I battled to learn how to suckle. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t latch on and as there was no milk left I quickly lost my interest!

Thinking on her feet, Natasha gently rolled my mommy Holly to expose the other row of teats which still had milk! She gently guided me persevering with me for what seemed like an eternity for us both. I became increasingly frustrated and started to feel weak and cold as I moved from teat to teat and got no milk, but as she expressed a tiny amount from my mum to help me smell it, I finally latched on! Drinking and drinking that warm nourishing colostrum started to give me the strength I needed to pull through whilst Natasha was trying hard to stop my (by now very hungry) siblings from getting to the milk before me! It was race against time to save my life!

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As soon as I had drank enough colostrum, which only comes for the first few short hours after the first birth of a piglet and which is so vital for my future health (and that is why Natasha was so concerned for me to start drinking as soon as possible), Natasha allowed my four stronger siblings to rejoin me. The sun had just risen and by that time I had gained enough strengh and courage to stand my ground – I had chosen my perfect spot next to my mum’s head and I wasn’t going to give that up! I knew I was born to be a survivor.

Natasha stayed with us and my mommy Holly the whole night keeping us warm under the blankets and keeping my mum warm too as she was still lying motionless outside of the house and began to feel cold. As soon as mommy felt stronger and was able to protect us, Natasha left, I guess to get some sleep – we all need it to keep us going, don’t we?!

Over the next few days I continued to get stronger and stronger fighting for my favourite position close to my mum’s head. I had also put on some much needed weight and Natasha told me I looked beautiful and she loved me.

After that night, I guess, Natasha felt in her heart that I would stay in the Pigfather’s family and take a very special place in her heart. I also knew that I was a miracle to be alive and I am not surprised the name that was chosen for me was Miracle!

So, if you are one of the lucky ones to have a visit from me and my little sister Ella, please, remember how special I am and treat me as a little Angel (and my sister as a Princess, because that is who she is!), even though we both can sometimes be a bit naughty!

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