Our Story: The Story Of Pet Piggies (Therapy Pigs) In Wimbledon

Owning a pet piggy has been Shaun’s dream for a few years now but due to various family circumstances, we always postponed buying one. However, at the end of 2017, we decided it was the right time to do this as the children were a bit older and I had just finished my MSc studies. As a former Veterinary Nurse and an Adult Human Nurse I have long wished to provide a Pet Therapy Service to vulnerable people in our community, and the idea of using our pet pigs as Therapy Pigs started to become a reality. This is when The Pigfather ltd was born, based on an Oscar-winning film “The Godfather”. All of our piggies’ names are derived from this film.

We first purchased our two miniature pigs Mikey and Sunny Corleone at the beginning of 2018, and then shortly afterwards added the third pig Connie. Having a keen interest in training them we started searching for a suitable training program.

We are very excited to be the first company in the UK who have embarked our pigs onto a specialist training, which is a long comprehensive program involving a lot of socialization, acceptance of handling, learning various essential commands and good manners in order to become Pet Therapy Pigs.

As a family run business, we strive to provide an Ethical, Caring, Professional and Reliable Miniature Pig Visiting Service for our local communities and wider surrounding areas. With a background in animal studies, veterinary and human nursing and with decades of professional experience in the animal care industry and primary care, we are passionate about the Services that we offer.

From providing Therapeutic interactions at specialist schools, hospices, homes for children with short lives to bringing our pigs to a one to one session for children with special needs, we aim to encourage positive mutual relationships between people and our animals.

Equally, our miniature pigs can attend schools, nurseries, fares, assemblies, parties and any other events for educational purposes. Businesses could also employ our services for their promotion or awareness events. Meeting close up our friendly, well behaved miniature pigs is a unique opportunity which can attract a lot of attention, bringing more business through companies’ doors.

Fast forward one month and we are already getting lots of enquiries and bookings to attend various events, which is an exciting time for The Pigfather