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Micro Pigs for Schools, Nurseries & Childminder Facilities In London


We offer a unique opportunity for children to experience a close encounter with our friendly and trained miniature pigs. Many city children grow up never visiting a farm or seeing a farm animal. Therefore, close interactions with animals can bring enormous benefits to children and can nurture kindness and respect for all creatures, great and small. Nurturing that respect towards farm animals can also inspire them as adults to make more informed food choices in addition to the realisation that farm animals are not just bred for food but can also become great pets.

In addition, our fun and educational visits are a valuable Enrichment Opportunity to a school’s Cornerstones Curriculum across Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 as well as complement the science subject of the Curriculum. Our miniature pig interactions can also be used as a tool to enhance children’s Emotional Intelligence, a relatively recent focus in schools. Furthermore, we could be incorporated into assemblies, school fares, fundraising events or coffee mornings to enhance the event and increase attendance.

At pre-schools, nurseries or childminder facilities, children can enjoy a visit from a real “Peppa Pig” and “George” with plenty of petting and cuddling.

We have partnered with The Countryside Classroom and provide some outdoor educational opportunities for children. Please, contact us for more information.

micro pigs for schools
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rent a micro pig for school

Micro Pigs for Schools – What We Provide

Our piggies can be rented out on an hourly basis as well as for longer time such as  “Borrow My Piggy” Experience, where they can be “borrowed”  for 24 -30 hours! This Service offers an amazing opportunity for children to spend many hours learning about these intelligent and interesting animals.

The visit can form part of the EYFS Knowledge and Understanding where children can learn interesting facts about animals through an invaluable practical experience. The created excitement can then spread the word about this unusual children’s experience and could further promote your facility to prospective parents, especially if you employ the services of a local paper or press.

As well as our interactive visit, we can modify our educational talk and its duration according to the age group and pitch at just the right level for the children to understand. We base this educational activity on the Key Curriculum Elements such as Understanding the World, Religious Education, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Maths, Expressive Art and Design, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Before the visit, we can provide a Template of the Topics that we can discuss with the children covering all of these educational elements.

Furthermore, we have provided educational talks to KS3 students in line with their research topics, one of them being how our Charity, The New Dawn Foundation is involved in the local community as well as the work of our Therapy Pigs with disabled children. The topics for discussions are various and we are happy to help with your specific requirements.

Please, note for Health and Safety of our staff, the animals and children and to enhance the Learning Experience we can only accommodate 2 classes (of up to 30 children each) per hour. Each class would get an Educational talk of 5 -10 minutes each at the beginning of the session followed by approximately 20 – 25 minutes per class of piggy petting inside the pen. This way each group of 7-8 children (i.e. 1/4 of the class) would get to spend about 5 – 6 minutes with the pigs. 

We are very proud to be the first company in the UK to have our mini pigs enrolled onto a Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Programme accredited by the AMPA!

To see photos of the piglets we currently have available for hire, please, visit our Currently Available Miniature Piglets page!

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micro pigs miracle and ella on a school visit in london
The Pigfather gazebo and pen set up during a school visit in London
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micro pigs for schools uk
micro pig for uk schools

Micro Pig Inspired Art

Renting Micro Pigs for schools can help children get inspired to be more creative. Our recent primary school visit did just that! During the Chinese New Year Celebration in February 2019 the children got to spend the whole day with our mini pigs Mikey and Sunny. As they were able to stroke, brush and learn so much about these intelligent animals, the pupils were encouraged by this close encounter and produced some amazing pieces of writing.

We held a competition for the best piggy drawing and the most creative writing across all Key Stages, with the winners and the runner-ups receiving free snout paintings by Mikey and Sunny! Even the teachers could not resist such an offer and joined in the fun! It was amazing to see so much engagement from the children and the staff.

micro pig Mikey at a school
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micro pigs for children
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pigs for school
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micro pig inspired art
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If you are interested in finding our more information about our Therapy Miniature Pigs visit to your school/nursery/childminder facility or a toddler group, please, get in touch with us via Contact Us page. We would be glad to help.

“The PigFather visited our school in Epsom, Surrey with Mikey. The children absolutely loved the visit and learnt so much about these special pigs’ lifestyle, diet and habits. Mikey was calm and well-trained and the children adored seeing and stroking him. We can’t wait for our next visit”!

E. Dowler

Google Review

The Pigfather came to our school during the Spring term to help us celebrate Creative Curriculum week. The pigs acted as a writing stimulus for our children to produce some brilliant writing. All the children thoroughly enjoyed having the pigs come to the school and have a chance to pet and find out some interesting facts about them. I would recommend the Pigfather to anyone interested in renting pigs.

Suzanna Cacciottolo

Google Review

“You went to my kids school on Monday and they couldn’t stop talking about what a great time they had!”

Holly H.

Facebook group comment

Amazing experience! We asked for the pig father to come to our toddler group in Chessington. Both the adults and children thoroughly enjoyed it! An amazing experience for all. Very professional and friendly staff who run it. Very happy and thank you very much for such a wonderful experience. I will definitely be booking with them again.

Miss Howlett

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