friday late therapy pig visit to victoria and albert museum

Victoria and Albert Museum, Friday Late “Pick of the Litter” Programme…. What an amazing, inspiring and therapeutic visit this was! In July 2019 The Pigfather’s Therapy Pigs were asked to join the late night programme at the Museum to provide the visitors with an opportunity to experience a Therapy Session with our Miniature Pigs. Spaces were booked so fast and there was no end in sight to the bottom of the queue! Everyone wanted to come and spend time with our Miniature Pigs Holly and Polly who have undergone a long training programme to become sociable, friendly and obident 9 months old piggies.

micro pigs Holly and Polly at Victoria and Albert museum
micro pigs holly and polly meeting museum visitors


Sitting quietly and petting Polly, suddenly one lady joined in the conversation about the benefits of Therapy Animals to human health. She began sharing with the other visitors of how friendly animals can affect the chemical reactions within our bodies. The cascade of these positive rections can have a profound effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing. It was such a privilege to share our knowledge together with this lady, who appeared to be a University Tutor lecturing on Animal Therapy!

What’s more, she is currently reading her PhD Theses on Pet Therapy in addition to teaching her student nurses and social workers how to prescribe Animal Therapy! She said she really wanted to come and meet our Therapy Pigs and learn more of what it takes to become one.

It was the most amazing conversation we had during that evening which inspired us even more to continue with The Pigfather’s mission to continue raising Therapy Miniatue Pigs in the UK.

the sackler courtyard
the pigfather at the sackler courtyard


This was the question which we were asked every time a group of visitors entered the pen! Everyone was intrigued to find out what it takes to become a Therapy Pig!

In essence, a Therapy Pig, is a pig (a Miniature Pig at The Pigfather!) who have been raised with lots of love, patience and consistency to establish a trusting relationship with their owners. Earning a piggy’s trust, in our opinion, is the one most importance achievement before even attempting any training. Becoming a piggy’s friend first sets the foundation to a long, positive relationship onto which training can be built.

We consider ourselves very priviliged to enter into such a relationship which is nurtured from a very young age of the piglet. We build on that incorporating the respect of human leadership and desire to listen to us and obey our commands. Piggies need to be loved and brought up correctly learning to respect authority in order to become well socialized and well mannered animals in our society. There are too many stories of people buying a piglet only to rehome it later on because he/she has become too big or too aggressive for the family to manage. With this in mind, our aim is to bring up healthy, happy and respectful Miniature Pigs who will then become a joy to train and become pigs worth of being called Therapy Pigs!

After establishing the trust and respect, our piggies begin to learn to be gentle and patient, something which is not easy for a piglet! Obeying commands is only a tip of the “Therapy Pig Iceberg” and concludes the long, but very rewarding training programme.

We have written more information on Therapy Training which can be accessed on our “Are Pigs Intelligent Animals” page.

micro pig polly enjoying petting
micro pig Holly being petted


Did you know that our Therapy Trained piggies are not just for Therapy!? Their extensive training means the animals are well equipped to being around lots of different people and situations. They are friendly, sociable and stable animals without fear of their surroundings. Our training methods take animal welfare very seriously and we ensure that by undergoing our programme, the animals become less stressed and more adapted to a variety of situations, and are a joy to be around with.

To hire out Miniature Pigs, please, visit our Services page. We will be happy to assist you. 

our friendly micro pigs holly and polly
visitors waiting to have therapy pig experience